White Fields London 2020

We’re sad to announce that because of the recent Covid-19 outbreak we have to cancel our gig at Nells on June 27th.

This won’t come as a surprise we’re sure. The U.K Government quite rightly aren’t letting venues open just yet and none of us want to mingle with lots of other people potentially spreading the virus.

We’re in talks with the venue at the moment regarding the tickets a lot of you have already bought. We’d like you to be able to get your money back so we are hopeful that we’ll be able to cancel rather than postpone. Golden tickets we will refund via paypal.

It will be difficult to arrange another gig straight away. As many of you know, the band is spread all over the planet so getting a window of opportunity when we can all be together in London again will be challenging.

Watch this space for more news and keep safe out there.