Trevor Steel

Trevor Steel is the lead singer in the band, The Escape Club. He is also a songwriter, producer and artist manager based in London and Sydney.

Trevor formed the Escape Club as lead singer in 1983 with John Holliday, Johnnie Christo and Milan Zecavika.  They released their first album White Fields in the UK in 1987. Their next album was released in the summer of 1988 on Atlantic records out of the USA.  The title track and first single, Wild Wild West went to #1 on the Billboard hot 100 chart and was Grammy nominated. They released two more singles from the Wild, Wild West album, ‘Shake for the Sheik’ which got to # 28 and ‘Walking Through Walls. They released their third album in March 1991 which included the # 8 single, ‘I’ll Be There’

Production and Writing

In 1992 when the band temporarily disbanded, Trevor Steel went on to start a career as a songwriter and producer with his partner in the Escape Club, John Holliday.  Based out of Air Studios in London, first under the production name ‘Bump and Grind’ and later as themselves, they wrote and produced many U.K. pop hits.  Best known in the UK for writing and producing Louise Nurding’s biggest hits, ‘Naked’, ‘Arms Around the World’ and ‘The Woman in Me.’

Steel and Holliday’s many credits also included:

Andrew Dorff, Aswad, Atomic Kitten, Candice Alley, Bahamen , Boyzone, Eternal, Honeyz, Nightrawlers, Stella Soleil, Sting, Shaggy, Thunderbugs and Westlife .

During their partnership, they achieved six UK Top Ten hits plus three #1 records


Trevor moved from the U.K. in 2002 to live in Australia. There he appeared on the panel of Channel Seven’s ‘Popstars’ series working as consultant A&R for Universal Music Australia.

In 2006 after discovering the band, ‘Short Stack,’ Trevor formed the record Label, Sunday Morning Records in Sydney, Australia. Short Stack’s first album, ‘Stack is the New Black’ Charted at #1 on the Australian charts. Their second album, ‘This is Bat Country’ charted at #6. Both albums achieved gold sales. Trevor co-wrote some of the songs on ‘This is Bat Country’ with Short Stack singer, Shaun Diviney. They include the platinum selling ‘Planets’ single which debuted at #4. He also co-produced both albums.

Trevor is currently based back in London where he is working on Artist Development for a couple of UK acts.

He is also singing in the re-formed Escape Club. Writing new material and gigging around the world with his fellow band members whenever the opportunity arises.

trevor steel live