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Trevor here with our latest news.


November 7th 2023. The Sands Rocks, Cancun, Mexico. I’ll be playing with The Reflexx who will be my backing band.

November 17th 2023. With The Reflexx again at their gig in Huntington Beach C.A. 

March 2024 The 80’s Cruise leaving from Port Canaveral, Florida. I’ll be joined by a guest guitarist and Ian Curnow, legendary keyboard player from the band, Talk Talk. He’s an old friend and used to be in one of our earlier incarnations, Mad Shadows. We may even play a couple of Talk Talk songs.

And another one on April 2024 –at  a secret location in Canada! Then more Escape Club gigs hopefully in 2024

New Song!

We were approached by a Korean label to make a recording of a song that was a hit there in the early Nineties. With a bit of a re-arrange / re-lyric, we turned it into an Escape Club song. Johnny Christo and I recorded it with Ian Curnow and we’re very happy with the results. It’s called, ‘The Song of Our Lives’ and will be available from November 6th on all streaming services.  Get a preview here


Some of you are probably aware that our Facebook page got hacked. I’m still trying to get it back but in the meantime, I’ve opened my personal Facebook profile to public. If you’re still using Facebook, please come here for all Escape Club news. We’ll be concentrating more on Instagram  and Youtube. so look there for updates. I’m even thinking of making a Tic Tok appearance so maybe see you there.

Well, that’s it for now. The band remains fluid with members of The Escape Club joining me now and then. As we live all over the planet, it’s hard to be together all the time. I’ll always be singing though so come and say ‘hi’ if you’re at one of our gigs.


We really enjoyed playing for the virtual gig, ‘Back to the Basement’ with Abducted by the 80s. Close to $5,000 raised for Direct Relief so far. The abducted by the 80’s store is staying open for merch and donations. Thanks to everyone who watched and took part.
Our performance this time was Trevor and Johnnie in Johnnie’s back garden. Hopefully next time will be a full gig with the whole band – hope to see you there when that day comes!

80's poster

JUNE 13th 2020 We’re being abducted by the 80’s

The 80’s virtual event of the Summer! We’re pleased to announce that along with some of our 80’s friends we’ll be doing a home performance for you. All money raised will go to Direct Relief. Put it in your diaries if you want to be abducted by the 80’s with us.

Please make sure to you go to the abducted by the 80’s facebook page to like and follow the event. Also go to and enter your name in the mailing list to be automatically registered for the chance to win prizes from the bands in the show.

Live from home performances from A Flock Of Seagulls, Wang Chung, Cutting Crew,  Naked Eyes, Animotion, The Escape Club, Nu Shooz, Annabella, Spoons. FarringtonMann-The Promise, The Vapors and more. Special guest appearances from Tiffany, Downtown Julie Brown and Richard Blade.

June the 13th – put it in your diary to see us performing from home along with some of the friends we met on tour last year and still more yet to be announced.

We’re sad to announce that because of the recent Covid-19 outbreak we have to cancel our gig at Nells on June 27th.

This won’t come as a surprise we’re sure. The U.K Government quite rightly aren’t letting venues open just yet and none of us want to mingle with lots of other people potentially spreading the virus.

We’re in talks with the venue at the moment regarding the tickets a lot of you have already bought. We’d like you to be able to get your money back so we are hopeful that we’ll be able to cancel rather than postpone. Golden tickets we will refund via paypal.

It will be difficult to arrange another gig straight away. As many of you know, the band is spread all over the planet so getting a window of opportunity when we can all be together in London again will be challenging.

Watch this space for more news and keep safe out there.

white fields album

The Escape Club are back in London after a thirty year absence to play what has become their ‘cult’ first album, ‘White Fields

Fresh from a tour of the USA in 2019, the band are converging from around the world to play at Nell’s in London on June 27th 2020.

Dave Sharp has kindly agreed to open as a very special guest.

Doors open at 7.30 unless you are one of the twenty people who have a golden ticket for the soundcheck meet and greet at 5pm.

Get your tickets here:

Golden tickets are here:…elds-london-2020/

the escape club las vegas

Lost 80’s live saw The Escape Club perform as a full four piece for the first time in 25 years. In 2019 Johnnie Christo rejoined the band at last. Taking up the Rap in Wild Wild West and playing his distinctive bass style. The band felt whole again.

the escape club Lost 80s Live
The Escape Club Lost 80’s Live 2019

We had a great time touring the USA with the show and made a lot of new friends along the way. From Detroit to Salt Lake City to Texas and California, we played at 17 shows in all. It was a long, hot Summer and we roasted at times but it was worth it.

The band performed Wild Wild West every night as well as I’ll be there, Shake for the Sheikh and Call it Poison. We enjoyed every minute onstage. Thanks to all of you who turned out to see us and sing along with our songs.

Along with our friends, Wang Chung, The Vapors, The Motels, Real Life, Farrington and Mann and many others, we had a blast. We’re definitely looking forward to touring the USA again very soon. Hope to see you out there!

Our Favorite shows?

L.A.’s Greek Theater definitely, The Mountain Winery in Saratoga was an amazing venue. Hidalgo was crazy – great fun. Humphreys by the Bay in San Diego…the list goes on. It’s hard to say which one was best, the whole tour had so many surprises. If you were at any of them, we’d love to hear about your experiences.

lost 80’s tour 2019

If you’d like to come and see us, look out for our gigs here. If you’d like us to play a city near you, let us know. We’ll try to make it happen. 2020 looks like it could be another full year. We’ll keep you posted.